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I thought we all knew that The Mail online was a fucking sewer. They put 100s of pictures of celebrity women down that sidebar and pick on them for being alive basically - too fat, too thin, too unlucky in love, too mental, too broke, too rich, too sexy, too unsexy, too much tit showing, not enough tit showing, big ass, no ass… The problem is that it’s one of the most popular websites out there, so they keep it up. Obviously millions of people must be reading it on a daily basis.

What pisses me off though is that some real smart women are reading it (I know, people can read at whatever the hell they want, but…). This week Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett admitted to it and then Lily Allen (who even took legal action against them a while back). That’s entertainment!

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    The Dail Mail. Worst newspaper in the world.
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